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  The Story

Rudolph Rassendyll - handsome, good-natured young Englishman in search of adventure - is distantly related on the wrong side of the blanket to the Ruritanian royal family. 

When he sets off for Strelsau - the capital of Ruritania - to see the coronation of Crown Prince Rudolph, he is unaware of two things. Firstly - his striking resemblance to the new monarch, secondly - a devilish plot to kidnap the king moments before he is crowned. Prince Rudolph's jealous half brother Michael - aided and abetted by daredevil Rupert of Hentzau - plans to seize power in the confusion, and Ruritania will be set on a path to despotism and cruelty. 

Rassendyll alone can help. He steps in and takes the place of Prince Rudolph at the coronation, then joins with loyal servants of the crown in a desperate search for the king. But nobody has anticipated the love that springs up between Rassendyll and Prince Rudolph's betrothed - the beautiful Princess Flavia. 

When at last the King is found, and the villains have been defeated, Rassendyll must slip away into obscurity. But must he also give up the one true love of his life? 

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A Vintage night out, deserving of a transfer to the West End.
Daily Express

A bit of a Christmas corker... it works marvelously...

Matthew Francis’s stirring adaptation...

Convincingly thunderous and delightfully tongue-in-cheek.
Sunday Times

Instead of simply pitching camp, the adaptation treats Hope’ story for what it is: a suspiciously enjoyable romantic adventure about the dignity of self sacrifice...

A rousing evening...
The Times

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