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  The Story  Cast & Characters  
  Cast & Characters

The Greenwich production used ten actors, one child actor and a member of stage management playing the boar! It would be a challenge to play the adaptation with less than ten actors, but it would be perfectly possible to play it with as many as 20 - or even more if the crowd scenes are to be well populated.


There is a full score available for the play - which includes settings for the two songs. It is by Mia Soteriou, and terms for its use may be obtained through Rachel Daniels. Tapes of the score - suitable for use in a production - are also available. 

Principal Characters

Prince Rudolph
Decadent, moody, spoilt, Not up to the job. Doubles with... 

Rudolph Rassendyll
Our hero; self effacing man of action; English eccentric; brave but modest; fun to be with...

Black Michael
Prince Rudolph's half brother; cold, hard, impatient, half mad; a dictator. 

Rupert of Hentzau
Handsome, vain, self absorbed; a brilliant swordsman; a buccaneer. 

Antoinette de Mauban
Elegant, beautiful, doomed. Black Michael's lover. Witty and courageous. 

Princess Flavia
Pretty, honest, intelligent. Your best friend. Heroic. 

Please direct any questions to: enquiries@epicstoriesonstage.co.uk








A Vintage night out, deserving of a transfer to the West End.
Daily Express

A bit of a Christmas corker... it works marvelously...

Matthew Francis’s stirring adaptation...

Convincingly thunderous and delightfully tongue-in-cheek.
Sunday Times

Instead of simply pitching camp, the adaptation treats Hope’ story for what it is: a suspiciously enjoyable romantic adventure about the dignity of self sacrifice...

A rousing evening...
The Times

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