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  Cast & Characters

At Greenwich the play was presented with ten actors playing nearly forty parts. It would be difficult to do this adaptation with fewer than ten actors, but it would be perfectly possible to present it with many more than that.


Mia Soteriou has composed a powerful and evocative score for this adaptation. Terms for its use may be obtained through Rachel Daniels. Tapes of the score - suitable for use in a production - are also available.

Principal Characters

Sydney Carton
Says of himself "You know me, dissolute dog. Never done any good. Never will". But capable of the ultimate gesture of self sacrifice.

Charles Darnay
Handsome, brave, loyal. A lover of Liberty. A true friend. 

Dr Manette
Intelligent, wise, bravely managing his dark history. A wounded man. A good father. 

Lucie Manette
Pretty, alert, decisive, courageous. 

Jarvis Lorry
Best friend to the Manettes; a banker; loyal, trustworthy, capable. 

Madame Defarge
Fervent revolutionary; unforgiving scourge of aristocrats; famous for her knitting... 

Miss Pross
Eccentric nurse to Lucie; beloved by Mr Lorry; faithful to the last; noisy, dotty, combative. 


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Matthew Francis' honourable adaptation...
The Observer

Matthew Francis enthrals and surprises us with his splendid adaptation.
What's On

Consistently Strong... You know you are in good hands from the start.
The Times

Matthew Francis has done a far, far better thing than many larger establishments might with his small scale, big-hearted adaptation.

A ripping yarn... Of the dozens of Dickens' adaptations around the country, the most action-packed...
The Daily Telegraph

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